myCigna 2.0
An app for Cigna customers to manage their account

Available on iOS and Android

What is myCigna2.0

myCigna is a hybrid web/native app for Cigna health insurance account holders. Users can access their account to manage their claims, pharmacy subscriptions, and track their account balance.

The goal of version 2.0 was to improve the interface and make sure it aligned with the new brand guideline.

My Role

Updated all the visual components and introduced a new navigation drawer and flat design to myCigna2.0.

UI and icon redesign


Use a system style switch control for easier maintenance.


Hierarchical design make the main call to action stands out.


Users of different platforms (iOS/Android) are used different UI elements. Adjust the design to what people are more familiar with.


Introduced hamburger menu.


Designed linear icons that matches Cigna brand style.

Proposed ideas for future roadmap

Create a geofence feature to further integrate members’ experience with their health insurance information. It can track hospital visit records and send relevant push notifications.

Widgets allow users to track their account balance and deductible at a glance.

Coach by Cigna
A health coaching app promotes healthy lifestyles

Available on Android

Coach by Cigna is a health coaching app that recommends exercise, nutritional, and mental health programs for users. It aims to help users improve their health by building habits to make healthier lifestyle decisions.

Coach by Cigna connects Samsung users around the world. When thinking about the app’s roadmap, we want to leverage Cigna's lifestyle and motivational expertise and ask:

- What will compel users to engage with our app in a more meaningful way?

- What will our app provide that other online content sources do not?

How it works

1. Take a quick personality quiz to learn about your personality type and engagement model.

2. See recommended areas of focus that fit your personal needs and goals.

3. Access a team of health coaches with motivational and instructional videos.

My role

I worked with Cigna’s eBusiness team to define the UX and information architecture. I created prototypes and ran usability tests on users in the U.S. and Asia. Also, I worked with a third party engineering team to build and ship the product.


The challenge of building a coaching app is to keep users engaged during the time that it takes to allow them to see the effect. We strived to build a tight engagement loop by understanding what users care about from sign up all the way to completion of a program.

Engagement loop


  • Desire for a healthier lifestyle


  • Complete a quiz

  • Pick a program

  • Start follow the program


  • Complete record

  • Earn points


  • Feel healthier

  • Get badges


Selection of wireframes