I'm currently...

Working at Coffee Meets Bagel to help single people find their special someone.

I previously...

Worked as a mobile experience designer with Cigna‘s eBusiness team. My work includes designing for myCigna, a mobile app for Cigna customers to manage their health care needs. I also designed Coach module in Samsung’s SHealth mobile app

Designed the user experience for Consensus' web application that enables retailers to sell connected devices.


Created The Voice in the Garden app and invited by Games for Health to exhibit it at the mHealth exhibition.

Won the Pacific Northwest National Lab competition with my ‘FoodFeed’ mobile app.


Collaborated with a team at Annenberg Innovation Lab to enhance the web and mobile versions of Crisis Connection.


Studied at USC Interactive Media program.


Worked in Taiwan for 2 years as a web designer. Designed event sites for Asus computer, Nestle Tea, Acuvue contact lens.